A Basket of Petals: Tissue Paper Flower Party Decorations

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Bring out the brightness of Easter, Mother’s Day, a birthday party or any Spring day with these fascinating and artful arrangements of nature’s fine gifts: flowers.
Below are examples of fascinating tissue paper flower decorations which include: multi-colored tissue paper flower decor and  tissue paper hanging flower (pom pom) balls.

Your rainbow of color choices include hot pink, gold, cool mint green, grass green, emerald green, ivory, raspberry, black, water blue, navy blue, blush, copper, plum and more!

View all colors & combinations of tissue paper hanging pom pom balls, tissue paper flower pom pom garlands, and tissue paper flower rosette fans!–from Paper Lantern Store


Precious Petals: Tissue Paper Flower Party Decorations

This cute lavendar, green and white paper flower arrangement is modeled to resemble a blooming flower with green leaves.

Lavendar Combination – Tissue Paper Flower Decorations
The Paper Lantern Store also has similar blossoming arrangements in light pink, hot pink/fuschia and more.

Pink Combination – Tissue Paper Flower Decorations


Tissue Paper Hanging Flower Balls

EZ-Fluff 8

Quickly and easily fluff these white pom pom flower balls.

White Tissue Paper Pom Poms Flowers Balls

Stunning lavendar tissue paper pom poms:

BLOWOUT Lavendar Tissue Paper Pom Poms 16″ Flower Balls, Decorations (4 PACK)


Cool Mint Green Pom Pom Flower Balls


Hanging Tissue Paper Pom Pom Party Garland Decorations

EZ-Fluff 6″ Pink Passion Hanging Tissue Paper Flower Pom Pom, Party Garland Decoration

EZ-Fluff 6

EZ-Fluff 6

 “I want to Draw a Flower”

On April 1, 2016, a very newly 5 year-old, Megan & I were riding home from a Spring day at the park. She told me, “I want to draw a flower.” So when we got home, this is what she drew:

A smiling, lemon yellow sun wearing a hair bow, a floating butterfly, a busy bee near its beehive, a honey bee getting nectar from a flower, a child being carried by his parent, & green leaves falling from a tall tree.

When I first this drawing I was so excited about the amount of detail.

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tissue paper flower party decorations