Little Pearl’s World: Angels & Tantrums

The toddler years are really something else. Special, amazing, funny and challenging all in one. But then again, that can be said for any phase of childhood; however, the toddler years really do present some extra and unique challenges and adventures. 

I keep a journal, but I was inspired to start making some of Megan’s adventures a little weekly series yesterday morning. My husband was about to take her to daycare. I had just finished combing her hair. (It’s usually a battle, as she would move her head around because she wouldn’t want me combing/brushing her hair….in other traditional toddler behavior, she often runs through the house laughing and playing when it’s time to get dressed. Leaving mom and dad having to chase her just to get her ready. Oh those toddler moments :+) )

She Really Came from Me?

So Friday, I was actually able to brush over her hair much better than usual and even put some burettes on her pig tails. After I put some pink, floral burettes on her plaits, the little plait was sticking out just a little bit, and she was looking at me waiting for me to get her coat on.

I looked at her, and had a mommy moment. She looked so angelic, so perfect, so beautiful….as she always does, but this was a different mommy moment; and it hit me: I can’t believe she is mine. She is so amazingly special, that I just can’t believe that she came from me! It was just one of those humbling moments. :+)

These are just a few of the things Megan (Pearl) has been up to this past week (January 2014):

***Of course, parenthood can have some extremely challenging times that require lots of patience and prayer over the simplest little things. So when we pick Megan up from daycare she has a little snack to enjoy on our ride home. Her preferences of what she wants to eat changes a lot, and we do our best to keep up. For the past few weeks, she had been wanting Teddy Grahams (she calls them teddy bears) as her snack. We had run out from the previous week, and the frigid cold delayed us in getting more.I picked up her from nursery school on Monday, without her teddy grahams, but I was hoping the animal crackers would be fine with her. She usually does fine if we don’t have her #1 suggestion, and she’ll do fine with something else.

Well that just wasn’t the case Monday, and when she realized I didn’t have the Teddy Grahams, she screamed and screamed and boy did she have an epic tantrum on our ride home.She is usually not one to have a tantrums anymore. She was really really tired, sleepy and cranky and very often, toddlers will act out of anything is bothering them. I couldn’t get her to calm down, so it was an incredibly rough time for me to not have her preferred snack. I call that day, the day of the Teddy Graham Tantrum. I made sure to have them read when I picked her up on Wednesday!

***”I want to go to the parade.” She has been saying this nearly everyday for the past few weeks. We went to the Christmas parade in December; that was her first ever parade and we had a great time! To our surprise, since then, she has been asking over and over to go to the parade. Of course, there are no parades going on right now; and it’s very hard to explain this to a toddler.

We’ve been doing our best and saying, “Parades go bye-bye” and trying to provide other ways to help her realize that she’s not missing a parade, but that there are none going on.Thankfully, we live in an area that celebrates Mardi Gras, so starting some time in February she’ll be able to enjoy some family friendly Mardi Gras celebrations. Thank goodness for this, because it’s really difficult to have your baby asking over and over to go somewhere, and you just can’t take them, and they can’t understand why.

***Last night she was sitting down eating a snack and watching TV. I was on the sofa working. This was so cute and hilarious because it’s almost the middle of January, so she turns to me and says, “Merry Christmas, mommy.” …:+)

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