Little Pearl’s World: Catch Me If You Can

It’s 4 am, and Megan goes, “It’s good morning time.” So that about sums up last week and much of this week. Lots of the middle of the night waking up. She had been doing absolutely great sleeping through the night, but recently, it seems one thing or the other had been bothering her, so we’ve been up on and off in the wee hours of the morning. Including this morning as I type this—so completely exhausted are my husband and me.

We’re supposed to be getting on the road in a few hours for a 5 hour drive to my husband’s hometown for Super Bowl Sunday. Hopefully, some form of rest will come our way.

Besides the oh-so-familiar sleep deprivation, here are a few other things Megan has been up to this week:

  •  Megan started laughing and running from me in the store last night. She initially got upset because she wanted me to buy something I know she won’t like. So she started to back up and then took off running. Thankfully it wasn’t crowded. She was running fast. The aisles were long, so rather than just chasing her I thought I’d turn around, go the other way,  and try to meet her head on in the other aisle where she was heading. She ended up stopping, so I was on one aisle and I could hear her laughing on the other aisle. Eventually I started running fast enough and was able to catch her. There was one lady on the aisle and she started laughing and said, “I have been where you are.” I was relieved that she wasn’t judgmental and I said, “I’m glad you can relate. She’s usually pretty good.” Staying inside during the bad winter weather most likely had her being extra wild.


  • Before that we were walking down an aisle and I picked up a Doc McStuffins coloring book and showed it to her. She goes, “That’s not yours.” I said I know, I’m just showing it to you and I will take it to the front and pay for it. She still goes, “It’s not yours.” I thought it was all beyond hilarious. At least I know that she’s paying attention and understands the concept of what we’re telling her as she, like most little ones, seeks to explore her surroundings.

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