Little Pearl’s World: Singing in the Rain

There’s just not enough time in the week to truly write down all the wonderful little moments with our children. Every parent could truly write a book about their kids. That is why I also just snap a quick photo or pull out the video camera as well. Looking back, it’s amazing how quickly we forget some of the simplest, sweetest and most special little things.

The childhood years are so fleeting; and the toddler years even more so. Their looks, their voices, their interests, their musings, their songs, their favorite foods….just nearly everything about them changes so extremely quickly.

Blink…and it’s easy to forget most of those details. That’s why I am thankful for the gift of memory. Perhaps, memory is one of God’s gifts to us. Life actually happens so fast, so sitting back and enjoying the memories is extremely fulfilling and probably sometimes more fulfilling and exciting as time goes on.

  • Singing in the Rain: Around the second week of January (2014), my husband and I noticed that Megan kept singing something to the likes of-“rain..raaaaiiiiin……raaaaaaaaiin.” As we tried to make out the other words, it appears that she was saying and singing, “Singing in the Rain.” She loved singing this throughout the day; and wanted us to join in. I’m not sure if she picked this up from one of her TV shows, or from school.

    Either way, this has been her favorite song to sing this month. When I tucked her in bed Monday night, she was in quite the singing mood.

    As she has done before, she took the top part of her bed sheet and wrapped it in her hands and pretended that it was a microphone by singing into it. Then she wanted me to join in. (As an infant, she loved my singing). But since she’s grown up to realize that mom is not a good singer as she’s heard the beautiful voices of Jordin Sparks and others, so she usually gets annoyed when I sing.But for some reason, she requested that I sing “Singing in the Rain.”

    So that Monday night, she and I took turns singing the song and making up our own lyrics to go along with the words, ‘Singing in the Rain.’ I was able to quickly grab the video camera, and she and I sang on video tape for about 8 lovely and funny minutes.

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What’s interesting, is that I love art work featuring umbrellas and rain (and people). I will have to find some samples and post them.

  • Dream Lites in Daylight. So many small kids like to take something from home to school with them. Often times, she will take a stuffed animal, her Doc McStuffins set, or some other toy along those lines. On Tuesday, as she and her dad were heading out the door, she grabbed her Dream Lites. (For those without small kids, Dream Lites is a special stuffed animal night-light that projects colorful stars on the wall at night. It helps kids settles down at night, feel safer and not be as afraid of the dark.)

    It’s certainly not needed at school, because it’s already so bright there. So I thought it was funny when she grabbed the Dream Lites. But hey, to avoid a toddler melt down we allowed her to take it. I believe in picking and choosing your battles. Now later in the week she wanted to take her Valentine’s Day balloons to school; and we knew that wouldn’t be a good idea at all. She fussed about it, but eventually she was okay with that and had a great day at school.

  • I want to go Trick-or-Treating. Yes, this is what she said this week. This past Halloween, waaaaay back in October, was her first time Trick or Treating. We had a blast! She had no trouble keeping up with the big kids. As we knew she would be, she was excited, energetic and elated to go from house to house collecting candy. She wore a pumpkin costume. It was actually hot that night, as we are used to it being hot on the Gulf Coast. Little did we know we would be in for a ferociously frigid winter.

    For a few weeks, when she wanted to eat some of her Halloween candy she would say, “I want Halloween.” I knew that she meant, ‘I’d like to have some of my candy from trick or treating.’ Well now that it’s January, we thought she had kind of forgotten about Halloween. So now she’s asking to go to the parade AND to go trick or treating. Oh and she also asked about going to a birthday party. In a few weeks, not only will she be going to a birthday party, she will be the birthday girl! :+)


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