Self-Care When the Pandemic is Anti-Blackness

**I’ve had a major self-discovery & healing breakthrough****

For the past 2 weeks or so I had been on a healing and self-improvement & self-discovery journey to figure out why, now bear with me, to figure out why I have had such hateful thoughts towards all these black people who are anti-black with their calling black people “ignorant, unhealthy, hardheaded etc” in regards to COVID.

As I mentioned in one of my videos, it seems like since there was never a Guilty verdict and we never ever got any justice from these thousands of police & regular w.hite folks murdering black people, a large sum of black people gave up and turned their hatred and rage inside towards other black people.

The overwhelming amount of black people saying, “Black people are dying from COVID because they don’t eat right, or don’t exercise, or don’t follow the rules; they are ignorant and hardheaded.” Now tell me that doesn’t sound EXACTLY like what society has used to find every cop or w.hite or Asian person NOT GUILTY when it came to murdering a black person.

“Black people don’t follow the rules.” Straight from how to be a plantation master 101. Only this time, it’s black people blaming black people for “not following the rules” in regards to a virus. Replace the word virus for anything in authority….not following the rules of “a parent, teacher….”…and bottom line is many black people are shown to dismiss regard for the black lives harmed or lost, and blame the black person for their own suffering, discrimination or deaths.

And in doing so, these (90%) of black people are being disrespectful to all the black lives lost, such as Trayvon Martin, Emmett Till, Sandra Bland, Aiyanna Stanley Jones (around age 6 or 7), Tamir Rice and so on, killed because they so-called “didn’t follow the rules.” In reality they were killed, which could be any of us, they were killed because of their blackness, and because of ours too.
And in many of those cases, especially with the cases of black women murdered, many black people nitpicked and criticized the victims’ attitudes, behaviors, …”well if she just would have done such and such.”

Sound familiar? Whether it’s a cop, a random w.hite, or a freakin invisible virus a black person still gets the blame for their deaths.

This is a sickly, infectious, vile mindset and wicked spirit that has nothing to do with me and beautiful, cute, sweet black self and my best family in the world, & my friends and online friends too. 🙂

We know we’re smart, independent thinkers, have experienced true joy, love and acceptance and that’s why we won’t ever spread evil about an entire group of people just because it’s the acceptable thing to do. Hell, I don’t even do that towards animals

Taking my power back from these black people, putting them in the “white” category & doing so much better. 🙂