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Children’s African-American Fairy Art and Party Ideas

This collection of Children’s African-American Fairy Art and Party Ideas is a great way to leave the imprints of joy, fantasy, magic and hope in the hearts and minds of Black children.

Children's African-American Fairy Art

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust


In fantasy literature, fairies are supernatural and powerful beings filled with magic and enchantment. Belief in fairies has existed from the earliest of times. Fairies are popular characters in stories all over the world; these tales often focus on fairies and their relationships with humans.

What is missing though, is the connection of fairies to Black children. Our Black kids are more than test scores, their family’s income level, their neighborhood struggles, or whatever type of sad and negative terms, attributes, national reports and studies that society always relate to Black children.

It’s time to create a new world for Black children. A world of hope, wonder, charm, joy and all things related.


Children’s African-American Fairy Art

This adorable and feisty brown fairy is from Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast.

Majestic Fairy Digital Art



You can plan an entire party around her and the images of other beautiful Black fairies for your little adventurous birthday kid.

“Iridessa is a Light Fairy who always looks on the bright side of things. She likes order and following the rules. She is warm and welcoming and makes all new fairies feel at ease.”


Iridessa Fairy Wall Poster

Iridessa  Fairy Stitch Pattern


Iridessa Fairy Coloring Page:



Fabulous Fairy Party Ideas

Charming way to welcome your party guest:


Charming and oh-so-cute fairy lanterns to spark your child’s imagination.

Fairy Garden Waterfall. So magical!!


Paint a Fairy House!

Too cute & yummy! Have the kids explain how nectar relates to fairies 🙂

Fantastic Flower Photo Frame:

Sprinkle the fairy dust! Now you know this is too cute!

Amazingly adorable Fairy House Craft Ideas: