Black Girl Magic! Brown Boy Joy!

Hello students, watch the video below and think about your answers to these questions:

1)Who is Colin Kaepernick?

2)What is he protesting against? How is he protesting?

3)What do supporters of Colin say about his protests? What do people who disagree with Colin have to say about his protests?

4)Do you agree with Colin’s quote at the end of the video? The quote states, “This country stands for freedom, justice and liberty for all. And right now it’s not happening for all.”

5)Do you think Colin should stop his protest? Why?

6)Do you think he should change his way of protesting? If so, what ways would you suggest Colin protest against injustices in the United States?

7)Think of issues that make you unhappy in your neighborhood, school, or city. What ways would you use to bring attention to these issues?




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