Beautiful Brown Girl Art that Will Captivate You

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Colorful, mesmerizing, bold and beautiful, these fascinating digital creations should grace the homes of anyone who wants a little magic in their lives. Artist GDBee uses her gifted hands to create art work that is a rare/perfect combination of brown girl subjects, fantasy, and intricate color mixing.

These important images not only make gorgeous gifts, but they also convey the messages of black beauty, black pride, girl power, and self-love.


Beautiful Brown Girl Art: The Gifts of Self-Love

“Neon” by GDBee

“Neon” Gift Collection: T-shirts, Art Prints, Laptop Cases & More!



Upscale home and office decor:

“Neon” Framed Print



“Neon” Tote Bag



“Neon” Studio Pouch



“Skell” by GDBee



“Skell” iPhone 7 Case


beautiful brown girl art


“Skell” Long T-Shirts

beautiful brown girl art

“Blue and Orange” Gift Set: Featuring Clocks, Notebooks, Posters & More!


“Blue and Orange” by GDBee


“Blue and Orange” Spiral Notebook



“Blue and Orange” Throw Pillow


“Blue and Orange” Mini Skirt!