All About Megan: My, How Time Flies

In my old blog, I liked to periodically list some cute, notable and unique things about Megan. In my opinion, there is nothing too mundane when it comes to documenting your little one’s journey. Everything, even the very ‘little’ things, have their own special place in creating and remembering these sweet years that pass by oh-so-fast.


Below is what was going on in Little Pearl’s World in November 2011, when she was 8-months-old:

  • She was born on 3-7-11. (Hence the 3-7-11 title for this blog).
  • She’s currently 8-months old.
  • Recognizes the camera and likes having her picture taken
  • Not too excited about solids just yet
  • Though she usually sleeps through the night (Hallelujah) she’s recently started waking up at 2 and 3 am wanting to play (Praying on this) :)
  • Loves to talk & fuss. Very vocal. Her dad says she gets that from me. (Okay, I can’t argue on that one)
  • Loves to hang out with her Sprout friends: Elmo, Patty the Pig, and especially Chica.


Here are some things that were going on in Little Pearl’s World when she was 20-months old:

  • She loves the Jeopardy theme musicParticularly during Final Jeopardy, we noticed that she would stop whatever she is doing and head towards the TV. She smiles and dances (a little rocking from side to side) when she hears the music. And Daddy does well answering those tough Jeopardy questions. Mom…not so much. Though I used to do well answering the science questions, I haven’t gotten an answer correct in a while.
  • She pretends she’s talking on the phone. She first started grabbing my phone and saying “buy bye” a few months ago. We fell out with laughter. It was the cutest thing ever. Now she’s older, she does a lot of baby talk with the phone and one time even picked up the calculator and remote control and put them to her ear and talked. As much as I talk on the phone–she is definitely imitating mommy with this one.
  • She blows kisses. Usually when it was time for bed–As I would get ready to take her in her room and tuck her in, she and her dad would blow kisses to each other. And I was surprised when she recently started saying “nite nite.” I always say ‘goodnight’ after I tuck her in, and I didn’t even know she was picking up on that and able to associate it with bed time.
  • She’s a little dancer. She loves to dance. When I was pregnant, I said that if I had a girl I want her to be a dancer. When I made her baby photo book, I made a section called “I Hope You Dance”. I dedicated that lovely song to her when I was pregnant.
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I Hope You Dance
  • Our little professora. The learning process for counting and saying her ABCs has begun. She’s saying more and more letters each day. She says “W” very well. Since B-C-D-E rhyme, she definitely has a pattern going where she’s learning to sound out those type of letters. Also, if I say “one” she says 2. She was about 6 months-old when she started associating words with books, and imitating reading books.
  • She always has a blast with her older cousins: She loves her cousins. She has five close cousins ranging in from ages 3 to 10. We live about 40 minutes way so she doesn’t get to see them as often as I hope she can as time goes on. So they definitely smother her with love when she’s around. It’s funny how she knows the difference between her cousins and her playmates at school. She loves nursery school, but she just lights up when she’s around her cousins. It’s like she knows they are all family; and what a great and close family we are raising the next generation to be. Always there for each other, loving and kind to each other, just the way my sisters and I were raised.

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In honor of her turning 3, here are three (categories) of her favorite things:

  • TV Shows: Doc McStuffins, Little Einsteins, Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse. 
  • Food: When you find out her favorite food, let me know, lol. She is at this extremely super picky eater stage. However, as for snacks, we know she loves Teddy Grahams!
  • Favorite toys: Well this sort of changes by the week. However, for bed time, we have a musical routine that involves the Leap Frog Puppy, Violet, and the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn- Love to Play Puppy

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