Black Girl Hair is A+ not 4C, Dolls

9 Nice & Lovely Natural Hair Doll Websites

When Megan was 3 years-old, she would often make comments regarding the ‘poofyness’ of her hair and the length of her hair. Purchasing a doll with hair that is more realistic and similar to ours, was a first step in my quest to help assure her that her hair is absolutely normal and can too, be found on the very toys she plays with. I honestly don’t know if it was a combination of factors, or just a coincidence, but it appears that after purchasing this doll and some natural hair coloring books (which I will post about later), Megan seems to be as happy with her hair as can be!

It’s one thing to tell our daughters that their hair is beautiful. However, in my experience, action spoke louder than words. It is as if she needed to see a variety of examples to prove not so much just the beauty of her natural hair, but to prove that our natural, poofy hair is absolutely normal, it exists, and it is worthy of existing.

Bring a smile to our little girls’ faces by telling them that they are made of sugar because they have hair like cotton candy! We can also tell them that they are heavenly-made because their hair is poofy like the clouds in the sky!

doll art prinatbles


The doll above was a Christmas 2015 gift for Megan (who was age 4 at the time). She did this lovely little up-do all on her own. How cute!:D I purchased this doll, with sister locs, from Natural Girls United! 

At Natural Girls United, you will find many other awesome dolls with a huge variety of heavenly hair styles and types.


These websites below help affirm Black girl beauty by offering unique dolls with either natural hair, natural skin tones, or natural Black African facial features.

 1. Natural Girls United

African-American natural hair dolls

 2. Zoe’s Dolls

Zoe Terry is an amazing child entrepreneur who has created a movement centered around donating dolls of color to children around the world. Her glorious website is a wealth of wonder for Black girls as it includes: Girlpreneur Program, Loving the Skin I’m in Contest, the Living Doll Experience, and Love Letters to Black Girls.


3. One World Dolls

Black beauty is real, and so is Black love. Stacey Mcbride-Irby was frustrated because she could not find dolls that resembled her daughter’s skin tone. Her husband, Trent, turned her tears into a million dollar empire.

4. Pretty Brown Girl

“Pretty Brown Girl” is a phenomenal movement that empowers children and celebrates the divine beauty of brown girls around the world.

5. Queens of Africa

Nigerian entrepreneur, Taofick Okoya, developed these heritage dolls to help empower young girls. These dolls, which out-sold Barbie dolls in Nigeria, represent different ethnic groups in Nigeria. The Queens of Africa dolls, as well as the Naija Princess dolls, have clothing and names that honor cultural traditions in Nigeria.

   6.  Naturally Perfect Dolls

Angelica Sweeting (what a cute name, by the way), created The Angelica Doll to help young girls realize their God-given natural beauty as early as possible in life.

Crochet Dolls

These artists, who I like to call “Crochet Queens” :+) use their gifted hands to create beautiful blessings for little boys and girls.

7.  The Christian Crochet Addict

8.  Off D Hook Creations

9.   My Kinda Thing

Natural Hair Doll Sites

The earlier Black girls begin to realize that they are heavenly made and are as gorgeous as any other race of little girls, the stronger & more empowered our race will become. Throughout history, we have been oppressed and attacked because of our physical features and the illogical beliefs surrounding those features. Thus, it is those exact features that we must celebrate and use as our protection against white terrorism supremacy.

Honor and Uplift Black Children

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“Blue Belle Princess”