Little Pearl’s Art World

“A penny is a chocolate coin.”—A quote by Megan (Pearl), at age 3.

Note: The girl in the drawing is NOT sad!! Megan’s drawings usually have a story behind them. So here’s the story for this one. I asked Megan why the girl was sad. Megan said, “The girl is not sad. She is just looking back at her mom and wondering why her mom keeps following her while she rides her bike. She knows how to ride her bike and doesn’t need her mom to follow her.”



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I thought her story was so amazing, especially since I am a very overprotective mom, of course. She hasn’t done much bike-riding yet though, so this precious drawing is not about me directly, LOL!!


As soon as she could talk, I had noticed that she was very detailed-oriented. She is a picky eater, so of course she would pay close attention to whatever food…but it went beyond that. One day, I think she was about 3.5, she told me that my skirt didn’t match my shirt (which was true, lol). And sometimes, I would say things like, “Look at this pink dress. It’s the same color as your pink shirt.” She would say, “No, they are not the same color. The dress is light pink and my shirt is not light pink but another type of pink.”

Since she was all of 1-years-old, we noticed that she was extremely observant with a great memory. She pretty much taught herself her ABC’s, numbers, shapes, and colors simply from watching various educational videos and TV shows. I absolutely loved watching those shows right along with her (SuperWhy, LeapFrog etc) and just mostly amateur videos from YouTubers.

She has now blossomed into a talented artist. Often, her drawings have a story behind them (I will have many examples later). Also, I’ve recently realized that she is sometimes drawing a scene from something she has recently seen on TV, in a book, or in school.

Her drawings are also inspired by her current surroundings. For instance, she drew…while at her older cousin’s (middle school) basketball game, she drew a girl, a basketball and a basketball goal. Yes, I often carry her art supplies with us because I never know when she is going to say, “I want to draw.”

I have pictures of her very first drawings, around age 3, because I/we noticed that they were a little unique. I will post those later as we can see how her drawings developed over time. As for right now, I will just share some of her latest cute creations.

African-American Kid Artist

Hey, normally I wouldn’t label my baby in such an impersonal way but for Google traffic purposes, I need to use my keyword “African-American Kid Artist” LOL. Sometimes you just have to throw the keyword out there in awkward spots. 🙂 


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The squiggly line around the picture is Mickey’s long tail!

Age 4:

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Megan says, “This is my teacher’s mom talking on the cell phone and putting a pie in the oven.”


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Girls swinging on a tree

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She’s also crafty. Here’s a lego pig she put together and then, she placed in on the balcony of her doll house. :+)

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Megan’s Marvelous Minecraft Creations

For those who are not familiar with this, Minecraft is a digital game where you can build houses, buildings and all types of things. So this castle here, she built this, stone by stone; one individual stone at a time! That is the way the game works. You choose what type of stone or brick or wood that you want, and you build what you like, one block at a time.

She builds incredibly fast. She used to play this game way too much, but she has cut back on it, thankfully. However, she’s developed the coordination where she is able to build very fast.


African-American kid artist


African-American kid artist
She is also designs the inside of her houses & castles! Meaning, the inside is not just a rumble of blocks, but she actually has the inside correlating with the outside so thus, she could give you a tour through the inside. More examples later!


Pearl says, “This is a girl shooting a bow and arrow.” (Age 4)

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Full picture:

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