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Blossom, Brown Girl: African American Flower Art Gifts

Black girls need to see themselves reflected in flowers: soft, delicate, unique, gorgeous, divine, joyful, graceful, dreamy, artful, sun-kissed, prized and priceless.

Little Black girl, you are nature’s finest!

These African-American flower art gifts include tote bags, spiral notebooks, and throw pillows.

Blossom with these African American Flower Art Gifts


Brown girls are never represented in the same light as anything positive and divinely beautiful, such as flowers & butterflies. My goal is to help brown girls see themselves reflected within anything that is divine and beautiful, just like they are.


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For my Little Black Girl

by Danielle Milton

“This is a letter to my future daughter, but more so words I wish I would have heard as a child.

A letter to my future daughter.

Don’t lose yourself, little black girl.
As you walk through the halls of your elementary school,
As you swing on the swings of the playground,
Even as you skin your knees during recess mastering double dutch and hopscotch,
Be bold.
Don’t lose yourself, little black girl.
White walls, white faces, white noise.
It’s easy to get lost in it all.
But you are beautiful.
Your black is beautiful.
The wind sings through your natural, nappy hair
Making music only God himself can delight in.
Your smile speaks life to the lifeless and love to the unloved.
Your full, plump lips are reminiscent
Of your eldest ancestors
They are more than your family tree, they are your Dynasty.”


For my Little Black Girl

Brown Girls Rock!

And brown girls look good with pink hair! Art work by Megan (Little Pearl) at age 5.


African American Flower Art Gifts

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