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African-American Fairy Kids’ Art: Black Girl Pixie Dust Magic

This collection of African-American Fairy Kids’ Art  is a great way to leave the imprints of joy, fantasy, adventure, and hope in the hearts and minds of Black children.

In literature, fairies are mystical and powerful beings filled with magic and enchantment. Belief in fairies has existed from the earliest of times. Fairies are popular characters in stories all over the world; these tales often focus on fairies and their relationships with humans.

What is missing though, is the connection of fairies to Black children. Our Black kids are more than test scores, their family’s income level, their neighborhood struggles, or whatever type of sad and negative terms, attributes, national reports and studies that society always relate to Black children.

It’s time to create a new world for Black children; a fun-loving world of hope, wonder, laughter, hugs, hi-fives, and sweet dreams.


Children’s African-American Fairy Art




All About Iridessa:

Children’s African-American Fairy Art and Party Ideas


“Young Elf”

“A Royal Beauty”

Black Fairy Mermaid:

Beautifully Brown Lady Elf:


Bees and Iridessa Coloring Page:

Secret of the Wings Iridessa Coloring Page:


Here are Some Fairy Cute Ideas

 Follow these simple steps to make your own fairy catching kit: (Make Believe)
  • Find a jar
  • Select your net
  • Collect your fairy treat
  • Get a notebook and pencil
  • Catch a Fairy
Fairies love to help things grow. These wee mystical beings love nature, especially flowers, plants, trees, herbs, fruit, and vegetables. It is believed that for every tree and plant there is a fairy guarding it and helping it to grow. 🙂
How to make fairy dust?
“Combine the glitter and powder in a bowl. Mix the two together until they are completely combined. Put the fairy dust into a small bottle or container. Be sure to close the container securely, so that the fairy dust doesn’t get accidentally spilled in your house.”


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