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Heaven Sent: African-American Children’s Angel Art

African-American Children’s Angel Art

This collection of African-American Children’s Angel Art is to inspire and encourage others to see Black kids as the innocent and heavenly treasures that they are.

“Born in sin?” No, if we want inner healing as race, if we want to not only survive but thrive, if we want as much inner peace as possible in this war-torn world, we have to examine what we are being told about our kids and why we have adapted these hurtful and negative beliefs about our kids.

I understand that the “born in sin” Biblical teaching is supposed to apply to kids of all races; however, in reality, only Black children are condemned and judged with such brutal and illogical harshness.

Blind justifications we give include statements such as, “But it’s in the Bible. Or it’s taught in church. Or, those are God’s words.” What happens is when our kids make the slightest mistakes that deserve gentle correction, they are overwhelmingly met with extreme punishment and anger from society. For instance, Black children are suspended more from school than their peers of other races, for similar offenses.

Studies show that white teachers and white adults in general, consider even the youngest of Black children to be less innocent than white children of the same age.

As sickening as that information is, our power and protection of our kids lies primarily with how we view them. In this age of abusive Black parents fixated with publicly shaming or whupping their kids, my belief is that Black people in general, possess the same infuriating views of Black kids that whites do. We’ve adopted the beliefs of a broken, burning, and brutal white society, internalized racism, and victimized the most helpless among us.

On the flip side, a non-Black child can participate in heinous activities, and typically the media protects their identity, schools punish them less severely, and society in general views them from a completely opposite stance. But wait, aren’t they born in sin too?

Well, of course not. Such abusive logic is twisted to only apply to Black children. It’s beyond time that we untwist these strangling beliefs and reject and rebuke any belief, thought or cultural practice that refuses to acknowledge the Heaven within our Black babies.


Heaven Sent

Beautiful baby angel in the clouds, giggling:

Heavenly boy angel with grand wings blowing trumpet:

Perfectly adorable angel in a garden, with a cuddly kitten:

Little angel boy reading a book, with a baseball on the desk:


Little angel girl reading a book, with a green apple on the desk:

Angel girl with beautiful afro and glorious wings:


So precious! Our little ones are certainly angels when they finally get to sleep :+) (Lol)

Lovely angel with braids and multi-colored wings, playing a drum:

Gorgeous boy angel with curly hair and magnificent wings

Angel royalty: smiling little angel girl with an afro and halo:

What a treasure–tiny baby angel with mother angel:

Precious angel girl in a garden with purple flowers, holding a white bird: