Little Pearl’s Playground: A Boat, Farm, Firetruck, Museum & More!

Magical Memories: This post was written when Megan was 3 years-old.


What Makes an Infant Smile?

I remember those first few months of her life when I didn’t want her in public at all (unless it was for an appointment). Family members’ homes were fine of course, but other than that, I was afraid for her to go in stores or anywhere with a lot of people.  And that’s the way I feel most comfortable with, every parent is different. 

During these first few months of life, some of the things she was interested in were: the mobile in her crib, the flashing lights on one of her musical bouncy chairs, and the ceiling fan. Yes, the ceiling fan! She just loved the ceiling fan and would often stare and smile at it.

The Sweet Stroller Days

It didn’t take long for the stroller rides to come. Our favorite hangout spot is the pier, and I remember when her stroller rides at the pier where a great getaway for her. We would often go towards sunset. And she would love to kick her little feet up. Lots of adults would always say, “Oh that looks so fun and comfortable. I’d love to trade places with her.” It was always so fun. She was safe and secure in her stroller. I didn’t have to worry about her getting into anything dangerous. Her sippy cup, snacks and everything else she needed was right in the little compartment in front of her; and she could reach it all for herself. I loved being able to pull down the little top and block the sun or wind. I had a lot of space for my belongings as well, and so I still carried my DSLR camera and was able to still get some photography practice in.

Welcome to Tantrum City

I loved those sweet stroller days but they were very short-lived. Once she could walk and run independently, and once she started noticing so many different things about the pier-the birds, the water fountains, the stairs, the rocks, and oh my the sand-she would, like any adventurous baby/toddler (around age 2), want to explore all of these fascinating things on her own terms, not mom’s and dad’s terms. In other words, along came the tantrums. She was mostly still a great baby, but the DSLR camera had to now stay home because toddlers will be toddlers and get into everything.

Still during this stage, when we would visit the park, all she needed to do was run around a little, swing in the toddler swing, walk up and down the stairs over and over, and pick up a few leaves; and those things would all be great entertainment for her. 

Discovering Activities Kids Love

Discovery Zone

She’s extremely energetic, brave and adventurous. We love nature and have so much to discover together. Though I miss the sweet stroller days, things are still fun as she grows, but it’s fun for different reasons. It’s exciting watching her interact, learn and experience various things at this curious, innocent and nearly fearless stage of life. Everything is still somewhat magical to her. When we are out and about, sometimes she does this little hop-skip-jump-bouncy-type-of-toddler-thing. I can’t even really describe it, well, maybe I just did. It’s something that she does when she’s very content and having a great time. I LOVE it.

 It was a brutal winter across the country. Even though conditions in my area were nowhere near as severe as what the north was facing, it was still incredibly frigid. Since it has warmed up, we’ve been busy enjoying the outdoors. Now once summer really kicks in, unfortunately it will be way too hot in this area to even consider doing anything outdoors longterm.

Basically, I would have to wait until 6:30pm to head to the pier with her. Or, sometimes we would go in the morning; and by 9:30am it would be too hot to be outside longterm (of course, unless you are in a pool, at the beach, or something of that nature).

Along with our usual pier and park visits, these events and activities are what we have enjoyed during April & May of this year: (She experienced lots of “firsts” which I love to keep up with)


activities kids love

Easter egg hunt: This is a photo of Megan

holding her little bucket as we headed to her first large egg hunt.

activities kids love

Strawberry Festival

She had her first pony ride!


(This is her reaching into the Touch Tank along with many other kids). Don’t worry, it was perfectly safe!


We love learning about animals!

activities kids love

Megan’s first boat ride! And she pointed out an alligator. Thankfully, the guide stated that alligators are extremely afraid of us. He mentioned that once the alligator sees the boat, the alligator will go under water and hide. That is exactly what that alligator and others did.

2014-04-26 11.58.13


She loves inflatables. Well who doesn’t?! I saw some adult men who were supposed to be assisting their kids and they ended up playing almost as much as the kids were. Unfortunately, my inflatable jumping days are over.


The Library & Museum

This was taken during her first visit ever to the library. We were invited to go into the story room, and I noticed these beautiful stars above:

She loves building houses. This is what she made in the story room. We also headed to the kids’ activity room where she used the computers and played with some puzzles. We went home and ate. And then we headed back to the library and then walked to the museum which was right across from the library. 

Earth Day

Megan and her cousin driving a fire truck at the Earth Day Celebration. LOL


 The Farm




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