Minnie’s Magic: Megan’s Minnie Mouse Party (Part 1)

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Minnie Megan’s 4th Birthday Party

It takes so much time for me to upload pictures from my camera, or cell phone, then edit the ones that may need editing. So her actual party pictures will come in Part 2 of her party recap!


As I stated in a previous post, I wanted to keep this party a bit more on the simple side. I absolutely love kids’ parties, but kids really couldn’t care less about you theming out every aspect, every tiny little space and every tiny detail of their party. 

Since Megan is old enough, I made sure to let her interests guide the way. For instance, she loves balloons, flowers, bubbles, and cupcakes among other things–so those are a few of the things I gave a higher priority. 


I didn’t worry about a themed cake. As for cupcakes, I didn’t worry about them being themed either. Now if I were some super talented baker, that would be  different story. But I didn’t see the need to search Pinterest for amazing Minnie Mouse cupcakes (there are too many to choose from anyway) and then try to find a baker who could duplicate the art.

So basically, we picked up some cupcakes from Publix the morning of the party. She saw some Frozen cupcakes and wanted those, so hey, I just went with the flow!

Bowtique Cupcake Stand
I ordered this cupcake stand below; and it is phenomenal! It’s super cute, good quality, and a sweet addition to the party. (You can actually get them from Wal-Mart as well. )

Minnie Mouse Bowtique Birthday Cupcake Stand, Party Supplies
minnie mouse party cupcake stand


Paper Lanterns

These Minnie paper lanterns are beyond cute. They are also very good quality, easy to assemble (according to my husband who assembled them), and they certainly add a creative, elegant and fun touch to your child’s party. (Wal-Mart is where I bought these)


She loves flowers, just like her mommy does :), and had been asking for flowers since Valentine’s Day when she saw roses in every store we went in.

So I made sure to have some lovely and colorful fresh flowers for her party!

I was elated when I saw multi-colored daisies in the store.

I created many themed labels for the party. Some of the labels included:

  • Minnie’s Bowtique
  • Clarabelle’s Cotton Candy
  • Goofy’s Grapes
  • Donald Duck’s Drinks
  • Pluto’s Paint
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Bella’s Bubbles
  • Figaro’s Fruit
  • Chip and Dales’ Chips & Dip
  • So the flowers were called, what else, but DAISY’S DAISIES!




Paper Straws

birthday party paper straws

Dress My Cupcake Bubblegum Pink Striped Paper Straws, 25-Pack

Painting Activity

Megan and her cousins love art! So I wanted to include painting into the party. (This was not the actual paint that they used. )

birthday party paint activity

Rectangular Twist Play Tent with Crawl Tunnel

This tent was meant to be the highlight of the party. The kids really had a blast! It’s not very sturdy, but it still adds lots of fun and joy to any kid’s day.

eWonderWorld Polka Dot Rectangular Twist Play Tent w/ Crawl Tunnel, Safety Meshing for Child Visibility & Tote: 2 Piece
backyard birthday party ideas

Crush Proof, Non-Toxic, Colorful Pit Balls

These are absolutely excellent in every way!

backyard birthday party ideas

Non-Toxic 200 “Phthalate Free” Crush Proof Non-Recycled Quality 6.5cm Pit Balls w/ Polka Dot Hamper & Test Reports: 6 Colors – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple

O’dorable Party Balloons :Orbz Balloons

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Megan & Minnie’s Marvelous March Day

Megan’s Minnie Mouse party was beautiful and wonderful! I will have a few recaps soon. Unlike her other parties, I waited rather late to sharpen any ideas. I just wanted to keep it super simple (for instance-no cake, just cupcakes) and small (focus on basic party food to feed the kids, and not more expensive food that adults like). And basically, stay away from Pinterest! :+)

Well, what I have learned is, keeping it simple and small is great; however, it’s still best to refine your details and work on special ideas, for me, I will say at least 3 weeks ahead. I started working on things about 1.5 to 2 weeks ahead, which left me with some running around to do on the day of the party. Also, I was decorating that morning (and getting much-needed help from my mom and husband), so again, it’s best for me to have most decoration in place before the party, that way I won’t be so exhausted on the day of the party. I was incredibly exhausted before the end of everything, but that is okay, it was all so worth it. Everything was really beautiful; and she and her cousins had a blast.

On the morning of the party, Megan and I went to my favorite local bakery to get the cupcakes. Unfortunately I found out that the cupcakes weren’t going to be available until noon, so I decided to get brownies and cookies from there. We then headed to Publix for the cupcakes. I chatted for a few minutes with this elderly lady who jokingly stated, in reference to Megan, “Can I steal her.” She stated that Megan is so precious. She asked Megan how old she was. Megan, as usual, didn’t answer. The lady stated that Megan must be shy and that it’s a good thing she’s not too friendly with strangers. Well Megan isn’t shy, she just picks and chooses which questions she will answer and from whom. LOL

It was a sweet little conversation. I told the lady that today is her brithday and birthday party.

After we got the cupcakes and were almost ready to check out, I hear Megan say her usual ecstatic “MINNNNNNNNIEEEEEEEEEEE!” I looked and saw a collection of unique Minnie Mouse balloons that were perfectly spherical, colorful, artisitc and standing high above all items in the check out line.  

Thank God I had a little extra cash and was able to get one of these orbz balloons. Megan certainly was expecting it, afterall we were last minute shopping for her Minnie Mouse party. She was elated when I handed her the balloon. I was also very happy that I was able to afford the extra $8.72 worth of extra little magic for her party.

Minnie Mouse Orbz Circular Balloon (Uninflated)

This is the balloon that we saw in the check out line at Publix. This image is showing all 4 graphic designs that are present on the one balloon. So basically, it’s one balloon, but as you spin the balloon around, those are the 4 images of Minne you see: Minnie walking a puppy (Bella), Minnie riding a bike with her kitten Figuero, Minnie with a basket of strawberries and then, her jumping rope.

Unique Minnie Mouse party balloon

Minnie Mouse Orbz Circular Balloon (Uninflated)
minnie mouse party orbz balloon

Other Orbz Balloon Ideas: Blue Orbz Balloon

16″ Blue Orbz
unique party balloons



Rainbow Party Balloon

rainbow party balloon


Round Rainbow Shaped 16″ Orbz Mylar Balloon

Balloon Beauty: Minnie Mouse Party Balloon Ideas

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minnie mouse party balloons


4 Minnie Mouse Party Balloon Ideas


Minnie Mouse Balloon Bouquet


minnie mouse party balloons

Jumbo Balloon: Minnie AirWalker

54″ Disney Minnie AirWalker Jumbo Balloon

These AirWalker balloons are definitely part of a unique trend in parties. Some time ago, I saw a commercial featuring fish and other types of under the sea, or aquatic balloons that would glide and float around the house and surprise people. I am assuming that these Disney AirWalker balloons are similar. Take some time to Google these type of unique balloons so that you can see videos of the jumbo balloons in action! If you are certain that your child and all other kids attending the party will be brave and excited about these moving balloons, then it’s a great idea to surprise them with such a unique treat. 

Minnie Mouse AirWalker party balloon, Minnie Mouse party balloon ideas


First Birthday Balloon Bouquet

Oh how cute. I remember planning my baby’s first birthday party. It’s so funny and cute, at that age, your baby is not concerned with picking the theme nor are they asking you months ahead, on a frequent basis, “When is my party.” “I want to go to my party.” “Where’s my party things.” “Are we having my party today.” “I want to turn 4, NOW.” “I want Minnie Mouse cupcakes.” “I want to go to the store and buy something for my party.” “Are we going to the store today.”

LOL with all my heart. Those are some party quotes from Miss Megan. 

Disney Minnie Mouse First Birthday Party Balloon Bouquet 1st

Minnie Mouse first birthday balloons

Minnie Mouse Full Body Shape Balloon

Minnie is wearing her red polka dot ensemble and carrying a purse in this lovely balloon creation.

Minnie Mouse Full Body Shape 32″ Mylar Foil Balloon Party Birthday

Minnie Mouse red polka dot balloon

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4 Minnie Mouse Cupcake Ideas

Cupcake Bowtique: Minnie Mouse Cupcake Ideas

This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click on the links and make a purchase, I may receive a commission. 

In honor of my daughter’s upcoming 4th birthday, I am continuing my series of Minnie Mouse party posts featuring 4 ideas per category.

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Minnie Mouse Cupcake Ideas

4 Minnie Mouse Cupcake Ideas


Buy on Amazon

Minnie Mouse Bowtique Birthday Cupcake Stand, Party Supplies
Bowtique Cupcake Stand
minnie mouse party cupcake stand


Mickey & Minnie Cupcake Rings Toppers

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Cupcake Rings Toppers, pack of 12

 minnie mouse cupcake ideas

Mickey & Minnie Cupcake Picks

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Pink and Black Cupcake Picks – 24 ct

mickey and minnie cupcake toppers


Minnie & Daisy Cupcake Accessories

Wilton Minnie Mouse/Daisy Duck Cupcake Fun Pix, 24 Count

minnie and daisy cupcake toppers

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